Monday, July 7, 2008

Moving on..... Blending!

A great post in my feeds this morning from Clive Shepherd about method Vs medium but more importantly about defining what a blended learning experience looks like. I am happy to say that I like this definition which I re-produce here:

A blended learning solution mixes social contexts for learning (self-study, one-to-one, small group, larger community) with the aim of increasing learning effectiveness, and/or mixes learning media (face-to-face, online, print, etc.) to increase efficiency, in the context of a particular learning requirement, audience characteristics, and practical constraints and opportunities.

What I like about this definition is the suggestion that learning and expertise is not isolated to the learning event itself but that there is a series of "things" that happen to allow learning to take place. It also recognises that learning is still in the hands of the learner but that blended learning invites options that the learner can take advantage of!

Now if universities will just forget about this mandatory attendance thing and deliver lectures and tutorials in blended formats........

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