Thursday, July 10, 2008

Personal taxonomies..... again

I continue to be dumbfounded by the blatant disregard organisations seem to have for their employees skills and expertise. A colleague related the story of how their organisation was attempting to classify all knowledge within their organisation based on a standard set of classifications and these classifications were purely linked to business outcomes and benefits.

Whats the problem you ask????

Not all information within the organisation is going to be created for this purpose. It also does not allow the individual the opportunity to make sense of what the information means to THEM! I believe that the collaborative nature of learning and knowledge that could exist can only exist if an individual maintains the right and the access to make sense of the information in the way that has meaning and enables them to learn. This is wholeheartedly at the essence of learning 2.0 for me. Call it constructivist in nature or just call it learning for learning's sake. The nature of this fostered "connectedness" means that individuals are learning how to learn and that can only be good.

Personal taxonomies, folksonomies, who cares? Let people learn by creating meaning. Lets remember this, the truth is only the truth until it is no longer the truth!

I think I learn......

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