Tuesday, June 3, 2008

PLE or PKM or Merged and Connected

Kudos to Harold Jarche for a thought provoking post and one that inspired me to ponder the differences (if any) of a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) and a Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) system.

Harold states "There are also three externally focused activities that I believe complement our internal learning. These are to Connect, Exchange and Contribute."

I believe these to be required activities rather than complimentary because I also believe that the paradigms of learning are shifting and we have not understood how monumentally they shift. Allow me to expand.

I have often watched by 16 year old daughter and 13 year old son go about their social, school and communicative activities on the PC at home and marvelled at their innate ability to be able to "psuedo" touch type despite not having any formal tuition or having engaged in any self-paced, self-directed learning that was available. No typing tutor software, nobody showing them where to put their fingers on the qwerty keyboard etc. Their skill was born out of their desire to contribute to discussion on instant messenger with 15 people at the same time or from being in a gaming discussion room wanting to have their 10 cents worth. Their learning was adaptive and almost unconsciously constructed. I say almost because their desire to Connect, Exchange and Contribute were the drivers behind the learning taking place and the skill being developed.

If we believe that Personal Learning Environments are systems that enable learners to take control of and manage their own learning, then perhaps a PKM is a true enabler of a Personal Learning Environment?

More to ruminate over!

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Harold Jarche said...

I find PKM and PLE as two views of the same area. Both are useful and each have their limitations. Again, there is no single best approach in all of this.

Thanks for adding to the conversation, Rob.