Monday, June 2, 2008

CLO Technology Competencies???

Thought this would be a good check on ourselves as learning professionals, as to what we see are competencies that maybe all those in learning and development should have.

Last week, the Masie Ctr conducted a "flash survey" on the Technology Competencies for Learning Leaders (eg. CLO). This was part of Elliott's work as academic director at the Wharton/UPenn CLO Program. Over 930 leaders from organizations around the world responded. Here are results, including the % of respondents that selected them as their top 8 competencies:

1. Integrates learning, talent and IT strategies with business strategy (87%)

2. Leads key decisions about learning and technology for the enterprise (85%)
3. Assesses organizational readiness and need for talent/learning software (73%)4. Collaborates with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) effectively (68%)
5. Effectively scouts for new and emerging technology trends and discerns (61%)
6. Leverages collaborative technology to increase organizational capability (59%)
7. Displays fluency in techniques/models of technical process and change (46%)
8. Applies understanding of quality improvement and business process (41%)

This is a great reflection for me on whether operational learning models or learning strategies, reflect these competencies or whether they even have to! In addition, should these be competencies that all should aspire to as learning leaders. It reflects some of my thoughts as to what a broader competency field should or should not look like. Whilst IBSTPI certainly have done a lot of work in this space, it would appear that the evolutionary aspects of our field of endeavour, are re-defining what is needed on a day by day basis.

Something to ponder.......

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