Friday, May 30, 2008

Initial Post for Posterity

Greetings to other learning professionals who are dedicated to ensuring a connected and networked world that allows individuals to create their own "world" of learning-unlearning-relearning.

As a first statement I sincerely hope this summarises where my feelings lie about adult learning. I intend to focus on the corporate sector and ensure that I provide connectedness and insight to a world I truly believe is losing touch with the phenomenon that is learning in this century.

Collaboration is required to ensure individuals can create trusted sources of learning and this can only be as an extension of what they experience and apply in the "real" world. That is to say, whatever their real world might be!

More on this a little later.

I will also be intending to concentrate on the merging of learning, knowledge and work and whether all three are the same or completely different.

I sight George Siemens when he says:

"Learning is doing. Learning has to be evidenced in actions/behaviour to qualify as learning"

This is a short quote but one that resonates with me and the fact that it resonates means I may have learned something!

I look forward to posting and discussing!

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