Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Being Mindful

I am struck sometimes by the ability of individuals to trust process and intellect and not listen to that which they have always known to serve them best. Their instinct. Instinct is not something that "occurs" but rather is something that , I would say, gifted individuals recognise and embrace.

It is the combination of intellect with instinct that creates that state of being mindful and alert to the possibilities of all situations.

Carl Rogers, the psychologist whose notoriety was derived by his now famous "Humanist" approach to psychology, once stated " I have learned that my total organismic sensing of a situation is more trustworthy than my intellect."

Sense making is a term that is gaining amazing credence in Knowledge Management circles and my reflection of this is centered around this combination of intellect and instinct or "being mindful".

My rumination is..... Is this a learned state or can it only be practiced by a gifted few (metaphorically speaking).

I ponder yet again!

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