Thursday, June 12, 2008

GenY? What tag?

Sorry for not posting of late but we had a long weekend here in Australia and I had to facilitate a learning session for an intake of graduates in my organisation.

As is my want I asked them about the TAG of Gen Y and what they thought of it.

Whilst one of the twelve participants objected to the descriptors that comes with the tag (aka selfish, single minded, impatient etc) most accepted that it was a societal descriptor that depicted the influences that have shaped their generation and did not believe that it typically described the persona's or the behaviours of their generation.

It made me think as to whether, as a Human Resources and Learning professional, whether I have truly given time to the Generation X tag that has been attributed to myself and do I agree that the descriptions depict the influences that shaped my thoughts patterns and processes.

One thing all agreed on; there are generational differences and these differences demand critical thought for communication, love, friendship, business and spirituality.

I live and I learn........

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