Friday, June 13, 2008

'Teachable Moments'

I came across this post on a concept called "Teachable Moments". The article quotes Robert Thurman, Buddhist scholar and friend of The Dalai Lama:
‘teachable moments’ — are times when you recognize your current ways of thinking and coping aren’t adequate for what’s in front of you; times when life serves up something you can’t handle, at least with the approaches you’ve used before.

It then goes on to point out ways that you can take advantage of such situations. I find myself thinking about the success that people have derived from being "mindful" of those teachable moments and what they have garnered for themselves.

This awareness of one's own innate abilities seems to be gathering as a force that compliments connective intelligence and promotes sharing of experience, narrative and knowledge.

I am excited about the concept of a teachable moment and it is something that might need some journaling to ensure I capture that which has been of benefit.

great thoughts and concepts! Hmmmm......

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