Thursday, August 7, 2008

Returning with some coherence?

I'm back!

Apologies to those who have rung me and been asking about my whereabouts.

In preparing for my return to university, I went offline a while to gather my thoughts and understand what my needs were going to be!

Part of my work for university is to write a reflective log on my "People, Information and Knowledge" subject and I have decided to incorporate this as part of my blog so I will be mixing it up a little but still ruminating over all things learning and knowledge.

I especially feel that this is a coherent return to the blog, as my lecturer (Michael Olsson) is the partner of an old colleague of mine from my early learning days and I am thoroughly enjoying his challenging style but more importantly, his concentration on us as an audience and establishing a form of "connectedness" that will facilitate the style of lecture and tutorial he feels will benefit us the most.

I shall post the first two reflections soon. Stay tuned.......

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