Thursday, June 19, 2008

What? No Stories?

In a post from Don Clark, aptly entitled, "Storytelling Sucks", he discusses the many forms of narrative and the view that a narrative can sometimes have a top down "fixed" view and this does appear to erk him.

I love narrative and must admit it is my favourite form to use in facilitated experiences at my organisation.

I think the more we embrace that fact that a good story expressed in many forms (written, spoken, poetry, prose, images, song, theater, or dance) opens up the interpretive juices that individuals intrinsically possess, then we can understand that a narrative creates feelings the impel people to convey thoughts and dialogue and connect with each other.

This is where I do agree with Don. He quite rightly points out that many mediums convey great narrative but I am not prepared to so quickly dismiss the learning of the elders, until I know that there is little learning to be achieved or little dialogue that can be engaged in.

Definitely food for thought......

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