Friday, June 6, 2008

Learning Landscapes and Mindfulness?

Is it a requirement of an individual to be able to think critically in order for them to define what their learning landscape looks like?

This is the question I was asked by a colleague in my organisation.

It got me thinking, again, about whether there is indeed a true competence required in order to be a self directed learner. It stands to reason that consciousness or mindfulness is something that sparks or assists an intrinsic motivation to learn but does this mean that the process that follows the "spark" is a defined competence that enables learning to take place?

I tend to think that as an individual is unique so is the process by which they recognise "how" they learn. When compared or discussed with others they may find that they are similar to other people but still the process by which they came to understand or be mindful or how they learn, should be unique. Of course, once we have compared and accept that we learn like each other, this is when connected collective learning starts to grow and thrive?

Now that is worth pondering .......

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