Sunday, June 22, 2008


I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting someone for the first time on Friday and in our discussion we talked about the occurrence of meeting someone for a first time and experiencing something of an awakening or in my case a re-awakening.

It was the fact that we connected on a professional level and talked about what intrinsic motivation for learning really looked like for each of us. Whilst we could talk with the passion of seasoned learning professionals, we eventually got on to the topic of how we could actually visualise this for the benefit of others.

Motivation is a very tacit and unique experience and something that everyone has intrinsically in their make up but our learning, from our conversation, was that sometimes it takes "connectedness" to awaken an individual and tap into the experiences that contribute to the conversation. I would love to be able to "visualise" what this connectedness feels and produces but that would appear to be a bit beyond me at this point in time. Maybe capturing the feeling is not what is needed but rather to relate this as narrative and hope that the connectedness is felt.

Needless to say I will think this one through with the hope that I will one day make this visual to myself and others. Hmmmmm.........

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