Monday, May 18, 2009

A learning resource for you + twitter Vs blogging

Recently I have been very busy on twitter and have been comparing the opportunities that the medium presents compared to my blog postings and my RSS reader.

As a firmly ensconced Google advocate I have been trying to understand whether there are advantages or disadvantages to each or either! I am happy to say that again, (surprise surprise) that it is purely a horses for courses approach that is required.

Twitter provides instantaneous thoughts and re-direction to awesome commentary and learning that I definitely enjoy. Of course it is laced with what people have for breakfast or what they are doing socially but that in itself is a window into understanding the person you have chosen to follow.

Blogs on the other hand are a form of self publishing and right now are maturing to being just that, an alternative to mainstream media and an opportunity for self publishing your expertise and sharing with a winder community. The readership of blogs is similar to newspapers in that it is chosen, read for as long as it makes sense and is relevant and is then left behind for other resources.

Both a learning resources for you and surprisingly can also duplicate content very easily depending on what blogs you are subscribed to or what people you are following on Twitter.

This site came to me via both. (an excellent resource BTW and is available via my de.lic.ious site Wilko64.

Twitter Vs Blogging? Each to their own and each has a viable purpose.....

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