Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sorry for the absence - What global financial crisis?

Apologies for having been off the air. I have been giving twitter one hell of a shake and it is paying some handsome dividends in terms of extending and fortifying the connectedness I crave! You can follow me at @wilko64.

Is it just me or does the global hissy fit sound more and more like a ruse for not making monolithic profits instead of reasonable ones? Check this out:

Of the fortune 500 companies that filled the top spots in 2008 only 54 of them made a loss. The lowest profit recorded by any of them (other than those making a loss) was $27m USD. The lowest revenue recorded by any company was $4.6b USD.

Yes, I know it is about share price and the investment dollar that they represent, but companies are still viable and profits are still being made and many are lamenting the hard road they face in re-building a capitalist market that allows the profits of yester year.

Somehow we all need to stop and take a big breath and talk to our fellow shareholders and say some is enough, not more is enough.

Worth ruminating over me thinks.......

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