Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Robs big prediction for 2009 (or not)

Sorry to all who have been asking where I am at the moment but I am on a well earned vacation.

I thought however that it was appropriate that I finish the year with a prediction of sorts as this seems to be th thing that people are looking to at the moment.

For me this has been an amazing year on the Corporate Learning and Development front, but one thing that is very apparent to me is that some of the things that promise sooo much will have to wait in 2009. Therefore my prediction for 2009 is that Social Media and it's expected benefits will be the biggest dissapointment of 2009!

Why? Because the Global Hissy Fit (thanks to Kim at Thinking Shift for coining this term)will take the cautionary alarm sensors to frightening heights and expenditure on such extravagance will be a big non-non!

As always, am happy to be proved otherwise!

Happy New year to one and all and may you prosper as best as possible in 2009!

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