Sunday, September 14, 2008

Scizo learning

Well, as I have been reminded by some of my readers I have not been contributing to my blog of late but I do promise I have not abandoned by cathartic way of thinking.

My organisation is currently merging (code for being taken over) by another and I have found myself faced with an amazing situation.

The apparently (a mere formality) merger has sent our leadership and management into a state of personal and professional reflection that has produced behaviour that is fascinating to watch (and manage). From dark circles under eyes to grey skin to pale expressions to over-enthusiasm to sheer happiness, the range of emotions contributing to a behavioural onslaught that a lot of people have not witnessed before.

It raises the consciousness in terms of the learning requests we are now getting. Anything from Business acumen to personal effectiveness dominates the landscape.

It is as if individuals have looked at their skills base and decided that they are not skilled enough and therefore need a quick cure all to add to the CV in order to impress whatever the new regime may be.

Why do people do this?

Amazingly it would appear that performance is secondary. That demonstration of skill is primary. I hate to tell them this but the two are not mutually exclusive. Effective learning experiences enhance performance. They do not detract from them. (Unless the learning is not associated with the role then it could inspire someone to do something completely different!)

It then begs the age old question of communication or the lack of it. And I think you can tell where I am sitting on this. In fact the leadership has been great. Plenty of information and good solid information on what is happening.

It would appear that the natural human behaviour of mythology serves a personal and professional purpose when trying to ensure that people are kept in tow and trying to ensure performance.

Hence, my posts have been sparing but you now know what is taking on a lot of my time at the moment.

Time to ruminate......

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