Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Personal Taxonomies or Folksonomies?

This is a very thought provoking post and one which creates a lot of reflection for myself.

Whilst I do not think that the contents of the post reflect the possibilities of harnessing peoples natural cognition and sense making, it does bring in to question again the whole question of the value or benefit of information. It also correctly states that first and foremost, information needs to have value and benefit for the organisation otherwise the information and associated tags will not stand the test of time.

However I think there is more benefit from an unedited intranet! Surely the context is to let people tag information the way they would like to, so that the information is made sense of and put into practice or tried out. Does it not then become purposeful knowledge?

Individual or personal taxonomies, are a key component of personal learning environments, as they allow an individual to gradually learn and build, or "make sense of" that which has become important to them and provides learning and benefit to them.

More to write on this one but not without reflection and discussion......

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